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They kilt it no doubt - if u like enjoying life then you'll like this place - if u like having bad days don't come here ... read more
Graham L. via - Aug 13, 2020
We just moved to the area and wanted a quick dinner. This place was quick and delicious. Huge fan of their poke bowls!
Kayla B. via - Jul 11, 2020
It's a fine place for Poké' and boba tea. It was late afternoon when I arrived so it was not very busy. The staff were great! I have a gluten intolerance and was handed a great - easy to read page that listed both Vegan and Gluten free options. They have a huge selection of protein options to choose from, but I would have liked a few ... read more
Holly W. via - Jul 3, 2020
This is a Hawaiian Chipotle. It's AMAZING. Ben was so so helpful. Literally a sushi lovers dream come true! Everything was so fresh and tasty. Lots of flavor. Definitely coming back. Oh and try the Boba Tea. I was hesitant but Ben made me a sweet milk black tea with blueberry and kiwi boba balls... AMAZING.
Whit N. via - Jun 18, 2020
It's been a few weeks ago since we picked up food to go. They have since closed but hopefully will be re-opening soon. I guess we were there the last day. It was very easy to order over the phone and then we picked up in the back. I find ordering on the phone or in an app hard. I like to pick my toppings and see what looks good. But ... read more
Chrissy C. via - Apr 28, 2020
This place is my favorite Poke place in town! It's a healthy, delicious option when you need something on the lighter side. The fish always tastes super fresh and never tastes "fishy" if that makes sense. I usually build my own and get both marinated tuna and salmon. They have a great selection of sauces and veggies to add. The servi ... read more
Elisa S. via - Apr 11, 2020
After returning home from a wonderful visit to Hawaii last month, I have been craving poke'. Today I received an email with a $2 off coupon for Main Street Poke', so I stopped here for dinner. I ordered a small bowl with white rice, naked tuna, and spicy crab. I find the portion sizes very generous and I usually have trouble finishin ... read more
Emma T. via - Feb 7, 2020
I really like this place. The food is fresh and delicious. I was pretty disappointed that Spam is no longer a protein option, as I think it's a pretty popular poké bowl ingredient (and Hawaiians love it). I assume it just wasn't being requested very frequently. Silly Hoosiers!
Matt P. via - Feb 3, 2020
Turns out you don't have to go to Hawaii or the West Coast to satisfy your Poké craving! Downtown Carmel lucked out with this gem coming in! Extremely convenient and fast to order. First select your base and then your proteins, sauce, and toppings! Always worth peering over to see the color of the tuna before selecting as I've had a ... read more
Alexandra B. via - Jan 4, 2020
My granddaughter loves this place. She's ready to move to Hawaii ... read more
Angela Bitner via - Dec 31, 2019
First time here and it was amazing. The workers took the time to explain what was on the menu and gave great recommendations as to what to try for my first time. Will definitely be back.
Philip Budde via - Nov 22, 2019
I got the spicy crab bowl and it was amazing! The staff was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions. Super clean and bright atmosphere to be in! Highly suggest this if you love sushi.
Madeleine Goudreau via - Nov 22, 2019
We decided to check out Carmel on our way to the airport. Coming from Northern California, we were excited to find a poke place. We were even happier to try the Founder's favorite, full of flavor with a kick of wasabi. Excellent! Great customer service. We will definitely stop by in the future when we're in town.
Lynn F. via - Nov 18, 2019
Excellent food ... read more
Theresa Shidler via - Nov 17, 2019
Food was delicious and staff was very helpful. We will be back!
Derek Weidner via - Nov 2, 2019
First time stopping in here. The food was great, but WOW do they have a large selection. I need to go more frequently to try as much as I can!
Michael Morris via - Oct 26, 2019
It was just ok to us and wayyyy too expensive for what amounts to a couple scoops of white rice, couple spoonfuls of cooked chicken, fresh veggies and basically a teriyaki sauce. Maybe if I liked raw fish it would have been worth the price? Resturant was clean and the staff were nice!
Meda Wara via - Oct 11, 2019
Love me some Poké! The best way to explain how the restaurant's like a Subway or Chipotle. Pick a base, pick a protein, add toppings & sauces. I love their tuna and salmon with Sriracha Mayo and a bunch of added stuff. My Medium bowl was around $12. Parking is on Main Street as available.
Chyna M. via - Oct 9, 2019
love the combo options. food was yummy and very filling.
Heather Kennedy via - Sep 25, 2019
This place is so yummy and fresh! I can't wait to go again!!
jessica wurz via - Sep 12, 2019
Friendly service and food was great.
Jim Erickson via - Sep 9, 2019
What to say - what to say about this poke place. Let's start with DELICIOUS! I was heading to the Indy airport and hopped on Yelp to see what was around besides airport food and overpriced beers. Found this poke place with great reviews. And I can see why. When I walked in it wasn't too packed and a little after lunch. Went through t ... read more
Justin M. via - Sep 4, 2019
Exceptional customer service! Food was amazing! Recommend the spicy crab bowl ... read more
Abdullah Elsayed via - Aug 29, 2019
My husband and I are frequent flyers here! We love it so much. The portions are always generous, the staff is usually happy and friendly, and we love the reward program! We usually come to order to-go after our daughter's gymnastics class and it's close to closing time and we never get any grief! We're happy to be regulars here.
Khrysin Michalski via - Aug 12, 2019
Nice staff and good food!
Justin Russell via - Jul 29, 2019
I love this place!  Great location ...
I love this place!  Great location and service.  Poke is suppose to be the next generation of sushi and I agree.  My favorite is the spicy tuna!
Christina J. via - Jul 24, 2019
Fresh & tasty. Variety is decent and friendly service. Quick & affordable. Grateful to find yummy sashimi in this area of the country!
Dk H. via - Jul 22, 2019
I love poke and there have been ...
I love poke and there have been several poke places pop up in the Indy area in the last couple of years.  I have been to this location and the Carmel location both.  They are both very clean with friendly, helpful staff.The menu is easy to understand if you've never been before or don't understand how to order poke, and they will let ... read more
Brittney R. via - Jul 15, 2019
This place is a favorite of mine! ...
This place is a favorite of mine! They have expanded their menu since I was there last time. I love that they have something for everyone. I am not the most adventurous when it comes to raw fish and they now have more options for me including regular and spicy chicken as well as some beef options. The portions are just right for lunc ... read more
Nick S. via - Jul 4, 2019
Stopped in on the 4th of July for ...
Stopped in on the 4th of July for some Poke with my mother and it was delicious!!! Will definitely be back!Little fishy at first & need ponzu sauce ... read more
Nick K. via - Jul 4, 2019
1st time here and I will definitely be back! The food was fresh and the options to choose from was amazing. Nice clean dining area with ample seating. The only negative was the female employee was wearing Nike leggings with a T-shirt, which I found very unprofessional in a restaurant.
Cheryl Spencer-Harmon via - Jul 3, 2019
Fast food poke ! Yum ! Clean fresh delicious food . I was on the phone with my son and he was going to have poke for dinner in Boston . Loving sushi as i do and being in Indianapolis I yelp searched and found Main Street poke . How lucky . I'm low carb and had my poke on spring mix it was so good I had to make myself slow down eating ... read more
Candace T. via - Jun 29, 2019
is the recommend .100% ... read more
Flor Rodriguez via - Jun 28, 2019
Love poke. Love sushi. This stuff ...
Love poke. Love sushi. This stuff is amazing. It is a little $$. But so is sushi. And when eating anything raw, you want to make sure its handled properly. It's like subway, instead your making your own poke bowl. Or you can order something already put together for you. Lots of options. They offer different size bowls. This is a plac ... read more
Melissa D. via - Jun 27, 2019
was very pleasantly surprised at ...
was very pleasantly surprised at how much i liked this place. i'm always up to try new things, but main street poké is a total game changer. staff was VERY helpful for our first visit. also be sure to ask for a sample if you're interested in something but tastes delicious and light (great for summer) but it's also healthy. ... read more
Amy C. via - Jun 26, 2019
I heard a lot of great stuff about poké so my husband and I went here for lunch. The concept is nice, it's pretty much sushi in a bowl. We shared the small portion and we were full afterwards. The portion is BIG. They also have kombucha on tap!
Krishna P. via - Jun 17, 2019
Great food, helpful servers, definitely give this a try! Our six kids' tastes in food range from sushi lovers to meat eaters and near vegetarians. Yet we all created delicious, healthy, and VERY satisfying dinner bowls at Main Street Poke in Fishers. Start with your choice of rice or spring mix greens, add proteins (ranging from ... read more
Jeff Harms via - Jun 16, 2019
Pretty good poke.
Daniel Peebles via - Jun 13, 2019
Came in here to have lunch for the first time. Even though I was the only one eating in the establishment I loved the food! It's fresh and yummy! I got the medium bowl with 2 protein choices. It's kind of like eating sushi in a bowl. You can get rice or mixed greens as your base. I drank an iced green tea sweetened with cane sugar. I ... read more
Annette B. via - Jun 10, 2019
Stopped in for lunch.    Great ...
Stopped in for lunch.    Great flavors.  Service was very patient and efficient.    Will definitely be back.    What a great place ... read more
Jeff K. via - Jun 2, 2019
My husband and I had date night here the other day. The food was soooooo delicious and the staff were so nice, as well as, helpful with all our questions. We will be back soon!
Rebecca Salem via - May 30, 2019
By far the best poke bowl I've ...
By far the best poke bowl I've ever had. They have great topping and sauce options as well. The staff is really nice as well and always provide great recommendations. I 100% recommend if you are a poke fan!
Ashley S. via - May 25, 2019
Refreshingly good food with great service!
Jay Allen via - May 23, 2019
My first visit and I will definitely ...
My first visit and I will definitely be back!  I got the small bowl you create yourself with chicken, fresh greens, avocado, onion, jalapeños, carrots, red cabbage, green onion, edamame, mushrooms with sweet ginger sauce, sesame seeds and spicy mayo.  It was very tasty and filling.  I ate inside and it's quaint and peaceful.  There a ... read more
Robin M. via - May 20, 2019
Great spot.  First time here.  I ...
Great spot.  First time here.  I had the founders favorite.  The sushi was fresh and plentiful. Cheaper  than going out for rolls.  Really enjoyed it and will return. The garage offers parking and a way in from the garage so if the weather is bad you can access from there.
Jose D. via - May 17, 2019
I went in for the first time and had a medium bowl with Tuna, Spicy Crab, and Shrimp. It was excellent a generous amount of Wasabi and marinated mushrooms. Definitely a winner.
Steven C. via - May 14, 2019
My wife and I tried Poke for the first time. It was phenomenal. I had the large sea food bowl that has all the ingredients preselected. My wife had the spicy crab bowl. I was so impressed by the flavor and number of ingredients in each bowl (15 plus!). Having never had this type of food, the closest I can think of is Korean or Japane ... read more
Michael R. via - May 2, 2019
At first glance you may be intimated ...
At first glance you may be intimated by this 'Hawaiian Chipotle's as they described it. You can order of menu an already made bowl or create your own.Options start with a ride or lettuce base and from there you choose to proteins (cooked or raw meat or seafood) and as as many veggies and fruits as you'd like. Top it of with a sauce a ... read more
Shelly B. via - Apr 28, 2019
Friendly and helpful staff. A great way to eat healthy while eating out. Love the salmon and tuna over salad greens.
Jessica S via - Apr 22, 2019
I had never been to Main Street ...
I had never been to Main Street Poke before but really enjoyed it! The small bowl is definitely plenty and costs about $10. They do have a rewards program with the Clover app so you can earn points toward discounts. The only strange thing for me was the rice was warm, not cold like most poke is. So it could cook your seafood a bit bu ... read more
Mackenzie L. via - Apr 7, 2019
Very good, clean restaurant and friendly service ... read more
A Hodges via - Apr 5, 2019
Sushi but better. Deconstructed ...
Sushi but better. Deconstructed sushi bowls, Kumbucha and great service. Always love going here.
Tim D. via - Mar 30, 2019
You can't go wrong with this place. Always a favorite, whether it be a date night, or a quick bite. Always a good choice!
Miguel Saquic via - Mar 29, 2019
I have always had wonderful poké ...
I have always had wonderful poké bowls from this location. I usually build my own, but they also offer a variety of various bowls if you don't want to pick and choose. The fish is always fresh and I love their house sauce and their spicy tuna and crab! Be sure to take advantage of their reward program!
Alicia C. via - Mar 29, 2019
Fresh delicious seafood. Service quick and friendly and first timers will get a very good explanation on how it works. Will be going back soon. Slightly pricey, but worth it.
Daniel Volokhova Barlan via - Mar 21, 2019
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