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Poké (pronounced as “Poh-Kei” or “Poh-Key”) is a dish deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture that harmoniously blends the flavors of land and sea. Surrounded by ocean, native Hawaiians have long understood the simple pleasures of freshly caught fish, diced, seasoned with sea salt, seaweed, and kukui nuts.

As poké spread across the Pacific in all directions, the simplicity and natural goodness of poké adopted different cultural influences wherever it landed - incorporating each region’s unique tastes and flavors.

Honoring its Hawaiian roots, Main Street Poké brings the treasures of the sea and unique flavors from all around the Pacific to the heart of the Midwest. No need to travel far to enjoy generous amounts of fresh fish and seafood combined with a wide variety of local and far away ingredients seasoned with our homemade sauces. Respecting the palate and preferences of all our customers, Main Street Poké offers beef and chicken for our land loving customers as well as delicious options for our vegetarian customers. 

Partnering to preserve our oceans, we source the freshest catch from responsible fisheries committed to sound, sustainable practices so that our future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty and wonders of our oceans.



Main Street Poké is a shared vision of friends who wanted to bring simple, fresh and healthy eating to the Midwest.  Their childhood influences and life experiences united by a love of poké brought these friends together. And now, they are proud to bring this flavorful cuisine to you.



"Poké is that perfect juxtaposition of new and old.  Imagine a deconstructed sushi roll yet something completely different. On one hand, poké has so many of the flavors you already love in sushi rolls. On the other hand, you decide which ingredients, flavors, and textures to mix and match. It’s a personalized dining experience mixing your imagination with your favorite flavor combinations to create the perfect bowl - every time."

— Dave Tang, Co-founder Main Street Poké